444 W Lake : River Point
20,000 square feet


Luminary Larry Levy gave Eastlake a twofold request for the design of his new family office, perched on the 19th floor of Riverpoint, one of Chicago’s newest skyscrapers.

First off, he asked that the space be functional and comfortable for all of the companies it would house—a real estate investment firm, a trading group, regional restaurants headquarters and a law firm—with a mix of open workspaces, executive offices and a large conference room.

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Second, he acknowledged that this would be the last office he would build and he wanted it to capture his personality and the culture that he created. Larry couldn’t wait to talk about his rock and roll photo collection, as if James Taylor, Ray Charles and Amy Winehouse were part of the family around him daily in the office. From this we knew that the artwork needed to figure prominently in the design as charismatic focal points, and no doubt, as conversation pieces for visitors and staff.

1041_006 copy.jpg

The personality-infused design didn’t stop there. By request, Larry’s office is anchored by a spiraling Santiago Calatrava sculpture (proposed for the park at Riverpoint) and a sprawling table in place of a desk, speaking to his dynamic, collaborative nature.

1041_003 copy.jpg

Business is conducted daily in the office amid some iconic onlookers—Bob Marley swinging his dreadlocks, The Beatles getting punched by Muhammad Ali and Elton John, on stage in a bedazzled Dodgers uniform, swinging a baseball bat towards a huge crowd. The spirit is casual and comfortable, but you’d be amazed at what work gets accomplished there.

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$175 psf construction cost

$40 psf furniture cost
Herman Miller + Halcon

Steve Hall, Hall Merrick Photographers


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