E is for Eastlake


In early 2017, we started talking about a new look for Eastlake. A new logo. A new website. New colors. We were moving after 30 years, and the timing felt right.

Lucky for us, we had the help of Amy Gozalka, a talented creative director and designer in our extended family. Her guidance led us on an exploration of who we are, and together we developed a new look and language that better represents us. We quickly realized our process and culture are central to everything we do, and should inspire the design.

"The first thing I noticed was how Eastlake's work has continuously evolved throughout the years, never repeating techniques and always pushing for better solutions," she said. “Getting to know the clients and asking questions is at the core of their process, and that process is the heart of their work. Asking those questions leads to the What If ideas.”


We talked a lot about the What Ifs - questions of all kinds - and how they are key to our design process. Amy saw Eastlake’s “E” as the path full of What Ifs. Not just conjoined straight lines, but adventures and questions. Lines bend and dead ends appear, like any road, but the What Ifs join to form connections and a fluid design journey.

“The What Ifs are those questions that push you to think differently. And in design we must constantly ask ourselves, "What If?" These questions are integral to the process that takes us down different paths, insights and new solutions that transpire from this creative journey. It's a thoughtful and mind-boggling process at times, but great work starts by asking questions - no matter how weird they are.”

Eastlake Studio