Work: In Progress



Eastlake is currently working with an established British company that is well-known for creating global reports for marketing and strategic planning. 

Our design direction for their new Chicago workplace is energized by the vibrant colors of the Midwestern sunset, peeking from the skyline— something we're lucky enough to enjoy regularly. We can't wait until the realization of this project, so here's a preview with some fruits of our design process.


Located on the top floor of an historic Holabird and Roche designed building, the workplace has some unique base building elements, including three 40-foot long monitor skylights and two vertical shafts that also bring in light from above. The entry to the space is quiet and understated, but there are hints of the pops of color awaiting within the space.

FORUM 1.jpg
Euro Image2.jpg

The Forum is intended to be an informal collaboration space. Located under a 40-foot tall shaft, the space is bounded by a spectrum of rotating acrylic panels on the sides (above) and a lighting concept inspired by a colorful string art installation (below). 

EURO FINAL DD PRESENTATION - 20180223-Website3.jpg

The palette of proposed finishes includes glass tile and carpet with red, orange and purple hues inspired by the city's sunset.

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 4.33.14 PM.png

The Refectory enjoys light from one of the 40-foot long skylights as well as a vertical ceiling shaft. Soft color is added in the tile backsplash in the pantry and in film on glazed partitions, while a vibrant blue pops from behind the light fixtures.


Check back here and on social media for construction progress updates. 

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